Léa Brunschwig

Early Stage Researcher


AR Modelling https://alter-ar.github.io AlteR is an iOS application for creating models and interacting with them using augmented reality and iPhones or iPads. Our app gives you the opportunity to live a complete new modelling experience for any domain meta-model that you can imagine.


Dsl mobile https://diagrameditorserver.herokuapp.com DSL-comet is an iOS tool that allows graphical, collaborative modelling on mobile devices. Our architecture permits creating both Sirius and mobile editors from a single description. Models can be stored locally or in a server, and they are compatible with EMF.


PauWare https://pauware.univ-pau.fr https://pauware.univ-pau.fr/generator/ POSTER PauWare engine is a Java API, i.e., a set of Java classes and interfaces making up an execution engine for State Chart XML (SCXML) and UML State Machine Diagrams. Both are a variant of Harel's Statecharts, which are used to model and to implement reactive software-intensive systems. Pauware Code Generator is an online platform that generate full executable state machines based on the PauWare engine API from XMI file produced by most UML Case tools. Try it now

XModelling Studio

XModelling Studio https://pauware.univ-pau.fr/xmodeling/index.html Xmodeling Studio is an Eclipse Modeling Framework plug-in assisting the language engineers with the design and implementation executable DSLs and their corresponding execute engine taking in account the business operations and their data flow. It also gives the opportunity to the software engineer to integrate the language engineer's work to the Java environment of their choice